Episode 15: So.Much.DOWNTON!!!


Hello Everyone and welcome back! We hope everyone had a very safe and happy New Year and that the year is going well for you so far!  If you’re just checking us out now, thank you very much for giving us a shot! If you’re a returning listener, thanks for coming back!


As mentioned in this episode and in previous episodes, this episode is the beginning of our Downton Abbey Trivia Contest!  All you need to do is be a member of our Ravelry group and click on the link below! It will direct you to Rafflecopter where you can answer this episode’s trivia contest and you can also earn extra entries in the draw by joining up at our other social media sites (it will do it automatically 😉 )  The raffle link will stay active for 1 week and we will draw for the winner and announce their name in the next podcast where we will ask a new question and a new link will be provided, as well as a new prize will be up for grabs!

The Prize for this episode is a large Downton Abbey notions pouch from Knitty Kat Bags and a Downton stitch marker set from The Vintage Rose


and the question is: What country is Kemal Pamuk from?

Click below to Enter and Good luck Everyone!!!

Downton Abbey Trivia Contest No. 1 

Shops We Mention

Canon Hand Dyes
Vintage Rose
Must Stash Yarns
Moonrover Yarns
Western Sky Knits
Turtle Made
Jimmy Beans Wool
Knitty Kat Bags
Desert Vista Dyeworks

Podcasts We Mention

The Knitmore Girls Podcast
The Knitgirllls


Katy will be starting on the Downton Abbey Season 5 MKAL as she purchased the new kit as well and she is currently participating in the neverending Behmalong from the Knitmoregirls podcast.  The Outlander MKAL shawl has been put on hold until April when the season resumes.


Katy finished a Barley hat with Berocco Vintage in a pretty Bergundy colour and added a 2 inch pompom on top! And IT WAS ALMOST LOST!!!! In the kerfuffle of her battery dying for her car, she dropped it at the garage. Fortunately, it was eventually found and picked up at the garage by her dad!! Yay!

Barley hat

Barley hat

Barley Hat - back view

Barley Hat – back view


Katy has finished the huge diamond lace netting portion of her Orchid Thief Shawl and has casted on a Hitchhiker Shawl by Martina Behm and is using her new skein of Western Sky Knits mcn in the colourway ‘Rainbow Night’.  She is also still working on the ‘Snowball’s Chance in Hell’ mitts and has pulled out her husband’s ‘Clockwork’ to work on, possibly finish for Valentine’s Day.

Hitchhiker by Martina Behm in 'Rainbow Night' by Western Sky Knits

Hitchhiker by Martina Behm in ‘Rainbow Night’ by Western Sky Knits

Orchid Thief shawl by Ysolda Teague in 'Orchid' by Queare Fiber

Orchid Thief shawl by Ysolda Teague in ‘Orchid’ by Queare Fiber

Valerie is currently working on a cowl using Robin Charade art yarn in “Cabaret” using Susan Bates size 19 (15mm) needles.  She is not using any particular pattern.

Cabaret Cowl

Cabaret Cowl


Katy had to put her wheel away for a bit – space constraint – but has been enjoying her spindles. On her drop spindle she is spinning ‘Herbs’ by Spun Right Round and that’s 100% Rambouillet. On her new Turkish Drop Spindle by Turtle Made, she started her Moon Rover Yarn braid in the colourway ‘Nebula’ and is loving every second of it!

'Nebula' by Moon Rover Yarn on a Turtle Made Turkish spindle

‘Nebula’ by Moon Rover Yarn on a Turtle Made Turkish spindle

'Herbs' by Spun Right Round on a regular drop spindle

‘Herbs’ by Spun Right Round on a regular drop spindle

Needs and Wants

NEED:  Katy needs to knit from stash for the rest of the year!!! Possibly just one little exception to purchase yarn for her birthday.  Valerie needs to look into renting an offsite storage unit to clear out the clutter from her apartment.

WANT: Katy wants a brighter outlook on 2015… cause the year hasn’t really started very well in her opinion.  Valerie wants a cleared out and organized balcony so she can enjoy it for this spring/summer.

WANT TO DO: Katy wants to see The Hobbit!!!! Cause she hasn’t yet, a whole lot of obstacles, ill-timed naps and toddler shenanigans have kept her from seeing it yet.  Valerie wants to make pom-poms for her cats as she thinks they’ll have fun playing with them!

WHAT WE LEARNED: Katy learned how to ply on the fly with her Turkish drop spindle!! It’s awesome and she feels like a little spider while doing it 🙂  Valerie learned quite a bit from gossip about old high school people with a friend.

You had me at Yarn!

Katy found out that Lorna’s Laces has new Princess Bride inspired colourways!  “As you Wish” and “Farmboy”!  She also wouldn’t go amiss at receiving a skein of “Zombody Loves Ewe” from Desert Vista Dyeworks for Valentine’s Day!

Valerie found a cute crochet pattern called “Mollie Flowers” by Brigette Read where you make a whole bunch of crocheted flowers and then join them together for a blanket.  The pattern is free on Ravelry.

New Stuff!

Katy’s mom made her a Downton Abbey Tote bag for her knitting! She plans on using it for the Downton Abbey MKAL shawl and other WIPs as well while she watches Downton. Our good friend Emily, aka Wenchfaery, also gifted Katy a Downton Abbey tea-for-one set which she squealed at and admitted she thought of buying when she first saw it as well 😉

Downton Abbey Tote Katy's mom made for her along with her Downton MKAL kit

Downton Abbey Tote Katy’s mom made for her along with her Downton MKAL kit

Downton Abbey tea-for-one set Emily had gifted to Katy for Christmas

Downton Abbey tea-for-one set Emily had gifted to Katy for Christmas

Valerie received a few belated Christmas gifts from Katy’s mom!  A beautiful Solomon’s Knot Mobius Wrap done in Red Heart Boutique Yarn and an awesome 100 Snowflakes to Crochet pattern book!  Valerie also received, at Christmas, a crochet pattern book from Katy and loves it 🙂

Solomon's Knot Mobius Wrap

Solomon’s Knot Mobius Wrap

Pattern Book!

Pattern Book!

Another pattern book!

Another pattern book!

Reading and Watching

Katy got to watch Guardians of the Galaxy again and loved it. She also watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with her husband. It seemed shorter but maybe it’s because all the other movies lately have been pretty long and this seemed to be more geared towards kids. Will Arnett was the best part of the movie for her!  Gotham is also on the watched list and is getting very good.  Valerie is watching Agent Carter starring Hayley Atwell, and though the television show is slow going at first, she really loves the character of Peggy Carter and thinks she is bad ass!  Valerie would like to begin watching Orphan Black as she’s heard many good things about it.

Katy also briefly started reading ‘Landline’ by Rainbow Rowell, just the first chapter as she had to get some shut eye.  Valerie is still reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon, and when finished will begin to read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

We both finally watched the Season 5 Downton Abbey Christmas Special and LOVED IT!  Katy cried when Tom, Mary and Edith were talking to Sybil and when Mr. Bates surprised Anna. Robert wins father of the year when he was talking to Edith! He’s the best ‘Donk’ ever!!! AND Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes are freaking adorbs!!!  That’s all we’ll say so as not to give too much away, but it was wonderful and opulent!


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