Episode 33 – We blame Abby! ;)



Hello and welcome back!!!  We apologize for how late we are in posting this episode but without further ado, here it is!

Downton Abbey Contest

The final season of Downton Abbey has concluded and thus brings our Downton Abbey trivia contest!  So now we will post our question to you and all you have to do is answer following the Rafflecopter links provided below:

Question: What was Dickie Merten diagnosed with?

We have five prizes to go out (PICTURES BELOW!) and you can enter in every rafflecopter if you so choose!

Downton Project and Notions Bags

Downton Abbey project bag and notions pouch from KnittyKat Bags – Enter HERE

Shrewd Lady Mary

1 Skein of Shrewd Lady Mary from One Twisted Tree – Enter HERE

Lady Shakleton

1 Skein of Lady Shakleton from Canon Hand Dyes –  Enter HERE

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes Downton Abbey coffee table book – Enter HERE

Yorkshire Skies

The Yorkshire Skies MKAL Kit donated by Jimmy Beans Wool and the pattern donated by Kristen Ashbaugh-Helmreich  – Enter HERE

As always, you must be a member of our Ravelry group to win! So if you haven’t joined up, you can do it by clicking *HERE*.

Good luck to everyone and thank you so much for watching and enjoying Downton with us, we will miss it dearly ❤ ❤


Knitter’s Frolic – April 30 & May 1 – Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre – Toronto, Ontario

Niagara Folk Arts Festival – May 6 – 29, 2016 – St. Catharines, Ontario, check the schedule for open houses and upcoming events!

Niagara Falls Comicon – June 3-5, 2016 – Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario – See the featured guests *HERE*

VAL’S BIRTHDAY!!!  June 26th, 2016 😉  Wish her lots of love and happiness!

FanExpo Canada – September 1-4, 2016 – Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario – See the featured guests *HERE*


Val found a really awesome CAL called the Temperature Blanket CAL hosted by Post Pooch Designs!  For every day of the year, you crochet one (or more) row(s) based on the daily temperature in your area! You wind up with a really pretty multi-coloured blanket for that year!  You can find the pattern *HERE*

Katy is still participating in the ‘Cast on the Dead’ knit-a-long with Desert Vista Dyeworks. The plan is to cast on either one of her ‘Zombody’ or ‘If they kill…’ colourways on the night of the premiere of The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead and finish the project before the SERIES finale.  You need to post the starting photo and finished photo in the thread on her Ravelry group to enter.

FOs and HOs

Katy has a HO!  She finished one of her ‘Zombody Loves Ewe’ socks for the Cast on the Dead KAL 🙂

Zombody Loves Ewe afterthought heel sock

Val has half of a dishcloth done in Ahoy Ombre by Bernat (which looks like it may have been discontinued but Lily’s Sugar & Cream has the same cotton yarn in the same name and colours!)


Val is working on another dishcloth! This time crocheted in the Bernat Handicrafter cotton yarn in Sunkissed Ombre.

Katy is working on the second afterthought heel sock by Laura Linneman using ‘Zombody Loves Ewe’ by Desert Vista Dyeworks and also the Reyna shawl using her handspun out of ‘Darkside of the Room’ by Spun Right Round.

Reyna Shawl in Darkside of the Room from Spun Right Round

Needs and Wants

Needs – Val needs to do her laundry and to finish her budget! Katy needs to stop and realise she has enough things! Just because someone has something, or something is pretty and she ‘wants’ it… she doesn’t need it.

Want – Val wants more energy to enjoy the nicer weather that’s coming up! We want SPRING!! We’ve had enough of the snow and ice, we want Spring!

Want to do – Val wants to start a new crochet project, possibly the temperature blanket mentioned above! Katy wants to go and see a movie with her husband, possibly Captain America: Civil War.

Learned – Katy learned that the narrator on Sarah & Duck (a BBC kids show) is also Douglas from ‘Cabin Pressure’! And also, Scarf Lady is Mrs. Patmore from Downton! Val learned that she can’t please everyone.

You had me at Yarn!

Val was had by when she went up to visit her Dad and her Dad’s partner’s daughter has a weaving business called Robinns Nest Weaving. She dyes her own yarn and weaves them up into baby slings and they are just gorgeous! Check her out! She also found Wolltraum My Melody gradient yarn in Xanadu!

Katy was had at yarn when she was on instagram and saw Knittyandcolor had some new colourways and to name one called ‘Mix Tape’. She wants a skein of Mix Tape and all the other tonal & speckled colours to make a Monster Cowl.

New Stuff

Val picked up some Red Heart Comfort yarn in Baby Blue and is going to be crocheting a blanket for her new nephew using the ‘One Ball Baby Blanket‘ pattern 🙂  She also had a very interesting Walmart experience in which crochet and patterns seems to be a lost art on some individuals.

Katy got lots of new stuff because it was her birthday, so just a few of her favourites are the lovely goodies Val got for her, including a Sephora gift card, two awesome paperback books, a pretty Revlon lipgloss and nail polish and some awesome perfume samples. Katy also got Mockingjay Part 2, Spectre, 3 elf cosmetics orders, a NYX cosmetics order, a super cute Groot and Rocket shirt, and a Death Cab for Cutie concert shirt.

Reading, Watching, Listening!

Val is re-reading ‘Dragonfly in Amber’ by Diana Gabaldon. Katy is reading ‘Frostfire’ by Amanda Hocking and ‘The Iron Thorn’ by Kaitlyn Kitteredge.

Both Val and Katy watched the season finale of The Walking Dead!!!  Just be warned that we talk about what happens, so if you haven’t watched it yet, skip ahead a bit 😉  They’re both looking forward to Season 2 of Outlander, which proves to be very good this season. Katy got to watch Wrestlemania 32 and even though Dean didn’t win, she had fun watching it!

Val and Katy are also watching some youtube channels, which is how they got so enabled with the makeup, including Abby Green, Wenchfaery Games, Kathleen Lights and Carly Humbert.

Val is enjoying ‘Dangerous Woman’ by Ariana Grande and ‘Piece by Piece’ by Kelly Clarkson (the American Idol Edition). Katy got a few iTunes cards for her birthday so she downloaded Ed Sheeran’s first album, + , and Lights’ new album, Midnight Machines, which is an acoustic album and it’s gorgeous!


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