I am a 36 year old wife and mommy of 1 little boy. I love knitting, crochet, spinning, cross stitch and I’ve dabbled in dyeing yarn a few times. I also really like to make jewellery, stitch markers and gifts. I learned how to knit from my Nana and my Mother and I’ve been knitting for approximately 7 or 8 years now and it’s my main hobby and what I really look forward to doing with any free time I may have. With a toddler, free time is somewhat limited. I knit English (I’m a thrower), although I can knit Continental for fair isle or if I just feel like it.

I also enjoy reading, watching television and movies (again, when I have the chance). I really love listening to music and back when we didn’t have a child, I used to love going to indie concerts to hear live music.

Some of my favourite things to knit are socks, small shawlettes, fingerless mitts and baby items. So basically, I love accessories although I have made my fair share of sweaters and large shawls.

 I can be found at the following:

website: thestitchsisters.wordpress.com

email: thestitchsisterscanada@gmail.com

ravelry: knittyvankat

twitter: thestitchsisters, kittyvankat

Instagram: thestitchsisters, kittyvankat

tumblr: kittyvankat

Facebook: The Stitch Sisters

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